Art as a code of the extraordinary in the daily routines, witnessing escape attempts, and expressions which have been too long stifled and caged in rules that have lost credibility. "Jan Mizo - Exposti" presents works by a precursor of digital art, increasingly recognized internationally. Surprised by an apparently distracted, but participating lens in discrete observation, normality is fixed in its fleeting flash of poetry, in bursts of unpredictability for flat lives. The revelation comes along with content and good-natured smile, without judgment, looking at reality as someone who does not belong any more. Heroes of lives parked on the troubles of everyday stories, camouflaged in an ostentatious normality, met by chance in the street, are unmasked and stripped but only for a brief moment, immediately returned to the respect for their lives on the waiting list. Jan Mizo can be described as an artist of life who can't be easily assigned to a category or trend - as he has often been a precursor; in his photographic works he expresses the research for composition and attention for detail which has distinguished him also in music. Using the camera as a brush for quick touches conveying the impression of a moment, his clicks peer into the daily and obvious, with obstinacy, looking for beauty, sense and thought even in objects and urban landscapes which look arid. He shows an innate sense of humour and fine sense of the ridiculous, a sixth and seventh senses.
He often works in computer graphics and mixed media. He participates actively in the international photographic scene, with projects often using pseudonyms.
Giudecca 795 shows his paintings and digital creations; digital prints on canvas, aluminium D-bond, forex and photographic paper; acrilics, and resins on canvas and panels.

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Emergency (part.)CoccodèPeccato originale (2008)
Olocausto (2009)Cairo (2008)Migrando (2009)
Pericolosamente assieme (2007)Shine On Me B (2009)Building the Impossible

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