Minjung Kim

Born in South Korea, when she was very young she began the study of painting with the greatest masters of calligraphy. At 29 she moved to Italy and continued her studies at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts, where a knowledge of Western art fostered her artistic consciousness. Her works bear a distinctively Oriental stamp. At times they are painted on white rice paper in black ink, presenting the fluidity of motion. At other times, however, the fine surface of the paper is colored and signed with a flame, producing circular forms of varying sizes. These multicolored circles are then glued to each other in concentric sequences, from smallest to largest, forming wholes that look like delicate flowers. Arranged one beside the other, their polychrome corollas form an abstract texture, suggesting a sort of psychedelic vision with hypnotic effect - as Guido Curto suggests in the catalogue "Vuoto nel Pieno" by Electa.

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Vuoto nel PienoVia Lattea

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