Marcelle Ottier

Unpredictable and eclectic, Ottier's interests cover representational art, graphics, recycled art, photography. Like her teacher Emanuele Luzzati, Ottier debuted in scenography, later choosing to work mainly in collage painting. The study of the history and ergonomy of objects brings Ottier to experiment personal tecniques, expressing a freedom which recalls Carol Rama's. Taking part to Street Art projects with various "guerrilla crochet" actions. Most of her work deals with the subconscious symbolic function of colour, as each colour is associated with a particular way of perceiving and interacting with the world and with art, and their interaction may change our lives while evolving with us. Colors evoke a state of mind associated with particular emotions. In her recent works she experiments with new materials from broken dreams. She lives and works between Venise, Bruxelles and places of the heart, maybe seeking the real Magritte's "Chateau des Pyrenee".
Coming soon: the new collection of bijoux in Murano glass, named "Ma chère Marcelline".

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