Luciano Pasquini

With Luciano Pasquini (Firenze, 1943) the experience of vision is a plunge into the figurative, with a focus on nature - depicted at its awakening after the winter time. Beloved by Italian and foreign public, Pasquini likes to trace the discovery of his creativity to a school without a doubt exceptional for its time, the school of San Gersolè under the direction of Maestra Maria Maltoni. "The lessons were held in one-room laboratory, in which all pupils from first to fifth class of primary school and beyond were placed at the same time. The students were let to write and draw what they wanted, taking inspiration from the rural environment where they lived, in order not to merely educate, but to educate for life, bringing the child to express himself freely, without fear of finding a judge in an intransigent and repressive teacher. Life drawing was the most important activity, paralleled by the writing of our diaries, which were then collected and published in volumes. This led St. Gersolè enter somehow the history of education; because of the novelty of to classroom practice and their educational effectiveness, it attracted the attention of numerous personalities of culture, literature and art, such as Pietro Calamandrei, Italo Calvino, Oriana Fallaci, Michelangelo Masciotta, Emilio Cecchi, and Margaret Gardner" Pasquini explains.

Among the most recent exhibitions: National Museum of Palazzo Venezia, Refettorio Quattrocentesco, under the aegis of the Ministry of Heritage and Culture, Special Division for the Rome Museums; curated by Giovanni Faccenda.

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