James King

United States artist and 2008 winner of a Special Prize from the 3rd Annual International Art Prize Arte Laguna, James King presented his richly layered, mixed media paintings at Giudecca 795. Various metaphors that may seem like mixtures of children's stories, fairytales, or dark, half-remembered dreams are the types of imagery that King addresses in this recent work. Took a degree in Biology/Pre-Medicine and eventually Masters of Fine Art in Painting. Has studied painting at the Museum of Fine arts in Houston and at the University of New Orleans. Has worked in chemical plants as a laboratory technician on the night shift and has taught University courses in Color Theory and painting. Primary concerns are to communicate a kind of self-consciousness and ambiguity that still remains potent enough to be translated into multiple levels of interpretation, both intellectual and visceral, both mundane and metaphysical.He states "Painting Fairytales is a metaphor for the Fairytale of painting. The painter paints the Fairytale and lives in a fairytale world; in my case, a precious, translucent world of contained experience. My goal is to create something luminous and truthful and complete in itself. Something shining that temporarily supersedes this incomplete life, the non-fairytale one, that I will have to eventually let go of when my story is over."

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White Light Red Tide (2009

cm 76 x 76 (30" x 30")
Tecnica mista su tela / Mixed media on canvas

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