Guaitamacchi (London, 1961), graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Brera, has been working as illustrator for several major newspaper. His urban visions in black and white, amazingly powerful, are making his fame spread.
In the words of Beatrice Buscaroli, Italian art critic: “Guaitamacchi is different from any model of representing a city; different from the history of views; different from history. There is haste, a noxious haste of our metropoles. These are hasted visions, in black and white, apparently rapid. Beloved. Blossoming behind perfect and measured perspectives, watched by a migrating bird which sees and passes by without judging. This is Guaitamacchi: it is cities, distant and fast, no time to stop. No loss, no regrets”.

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Centralità (2001)Metropoli (2003)

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