Benny Katz

Born in Sao-Paulo, Brazil (1973), Benny Katz conducts a search which intertwines between reality and biographical dimensions by using simple, light and accessible materials and merging painting with three dimensional objects in an attempt to penetrate the viewer’s space. His quest moves beyond social or political issues and focusses on innocence, simplicity and lost childhood in a cynical, post-modern industrial world. His works involve surrealism and dark humor by taking familiar themes and giving them dark, kinky, additional values. He studied visual arts at the Technion in Tel Aviv. His works have been exhibited in New York, Brazil, Israel and Italy — where he was awarded a special prize for painting at the Arte Laguna Prize. After his personal exhibit at Giudecca 795, with which he collaborates at present, he exhibited his works at the Biennal de Cerveira, Portugal.

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cm 80 x 80 (31" x 31")
Scultura, tecnica mista / Sculpture, mixed media

Un manichino senza testa con luci flash puntate su di lui, che apparentemente illuminano le sue parti intime; Katz critica la riduzione ad oggetto del corpo femminile come merce, il marketing attraverso il sesso.

A headless mannequin with flashlights skewered over it, seemingly illuminating its intimate parts; Katz criticizes the objectification of the female body as a commodity, the media marketing products via sex.

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