Gerold Meister (Cadaf)

German painter and sculptor whose artistic development was greatly influenced by Max Ernst, Gerold Meister created a poetic language of his own in the Seventies: the writing of birds and abstract writing - imaginary alphabets made of symbols which he inserts as fragments or complete poems into his compositions, thus creating evocative images enriched by the refined use of colour. His works blend surrealism and realism, painting and poetry. In 1991, he won the first prize at Premio di Murano for his glass sculpture "Pesceuomo" (Manfish). Several of his works are displayed in museums and private collections in Italy and around the world. His signature CADAF stands for Centro di Arti Figurative (Center for Representational Arts), which he founded, and also represents an acronym for a major artist from the German Romanticism movement, Caspar David Friedrich.
Gerold Meister died in 2021 in Venice.
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cm 90 x 80 (35" x 31")
Olio su tela / Oil on canvas non disp.

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