Roberto Crippa

Roberto Crippa (Monza, 1921 – Bresso, 1972) Italian painter and sculptor. After his first experiences as a painter in representational style influenced by Cubism, he joined the Spacialist artistic movement with Lucio Fontana, Giorgio Kaisserlian, Beniamino Joppolo, Milena Milani, Sergio Dangelo, Carlo Cardazzo, Cesare Peverelli. He took part to Biennale di Venezia several times. Friend of Lucio Fontana's, he signed the "Manifesto dello Spazialismo" (1950); the "Spirali" are among his most known works of the Fifties and Sixties, abstract and geometrical. Roberto Crippa also exhibited in the Syates and particularly in New York, where he met the surrealist artists Max Ernst, Victor Brauner, Yves Tanguy. In 1967 the state of Rhodesia dedicated a post stamp to Crippa. Crippa was also fond of acrobatic flying; as a pilot he won several competition and recovered from a serious accident in 1962, continuing his artistic activity; ten years later, he died in another accident during a training flight for the World Championship, together with his student Piero Crespi

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Spirale (1965)

cm 100 x 70 (39" x 28")
olio su cartoncino

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