Paola Failla

A graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice where she studied with the important Italian artist Emilio Vedova, Failla is an art teacher and an artist herself. Her unique technique combines precious pictorial and calligraphic elements, both on canvas and paper. A scholar of calligraphy and ideograms, she has been investigating the relationship between sign, color, and space, punctuating them with flashes of gold and modulating it as "secret writing" in which we can recognize real or imagined poetic fragments overlapped by thoughts -- an attempt to have a dialogue with the universal and divine. In the words of Maria Beatrice Rigobello Autizi, "in Failla's art Western pictorial sensibility and the idea of Eastern gracefulness meet in a pseudo-calligraphy in which the preciousness of gold often derives from the unexpressed, from dreams, from a highly imaginative dimension which everyone can identify with.” She appears to think of Humanity as a universal being beyond languages, geographies, and ideologies.

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