Liu Zhong

Born in 1969 in Beijing, he is one of the most renowned Chinese contemporary artists. He exhibited in Beijing during the 2008 Olympics - the only painting exhibit within the celebrations. His art has been acknowledged in exhibitions and museums in China and abroad. His works have been exhibited in: France, USA, Russia, Egypt, Canada, Spain, Norway, Singapore, Japan, Thailand, Australia, Principaute de Monaco, Switzerland, Finland, Mongolia; in Italy for the first time at Giudecca 795 in the collateral event of the Biennale di Venezia "Praise of Nature" (2009)..
"Enfant prodige" in painting, he started painting at 4, winning the first prize for 6 times at the national award for infant painting, and several international awards. Later, in 1983 his painting "I love the Chinese wall" was the first painting by a boy to be selected for the printing of a post stamp. Liu Zhong is very active in the cultural exchange between Chinese and international artists, specially with France, where he studied for some years.

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