Cholla Chambers

The artist is a horse: Cholla Chambers, from Nevada, USA. Winner of the Honour Mention of the Arte Laguna prize Jury in 2008 with "The Big Red Buck": "A particular mention is to be given to the decision of the Jury to expose Cholla’s watercolor “The Big Red Buck”, next to finalist artworks. Cholla’s work, even if excluded by any Prize, received a special mention of the Jury as a form of provocation, aimed to give a particular attention, not controversial, to the ironic evolution of the myth of art in a epoch of technical reproducibility." International media coverage of his solo exhibit at Giudecca 795, from 24 April to 15 SEPTEMBER 2009, started with Associated Press and CNN news. You can acquire Cholla's Art in both original and giclee formats, online and in person, through Galleria d'arte Giudecca 795 in Venice, Italy. The gallery has been given exclusivity of Cholla's Art sold abroad.
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