On the occasion of the Feast of San Salvador, twelve sacred-theme works by the painter Berico now adorn the Church of San Salvador. The artwork was created by combining popular and precious fabrics - Rubelli damasks and lampas from the new collection plus a piece of the same fabric used for the Fenice Theatre curtain. The work can be admired in San Salvador when the church is open (9 am-12 pm and 4 pm-6:30 pm through 26 August). The works form an array of banners, as was customary in the past during the most important religious festivities. With images calling the faithful to devotion, the works are arranged so that they create a visual dialogue with the renowned paintings and sculptures located in the church.

In the past, much more than today, the Church of San Salvador was dressed to the nines for certain solemn occasions. Curtains, gilt ornaments, candles, and floral arrangements were placed along the columns and apses, giving a sense of greater dimension to the interior spaces. This was the so-called "parecio", the set of objects and materials with which the church "appeared". Today, it would not be possible to repeat this particular practice of ancient times, both for liturgical and conservation reasons. But this art was rediscovered and revived by a painter who often gets inspired by popular spirituality - Berico, the son of a fisherman, who is so advanced and experienced in his study and rendering of traditional painting on the sails of  Northern Adriatic boats that he is considered the heir of the historic "painters of angels". Angels, saints, and sacred characters used to be represented in the decoration of boats and sails. The transition from painting art on sails to art on the "Pareci" was a natural step. It is interesting to note how a number of artworks at San Salvador are a constant reminder of the world and tradition of fishing. One example, is the symbolism of the painting by Girolamo Brusaferro of Maddalena which is matched here with Berico's parecio of St. Mary Magdalene.


"Vexilla Regis - things of our world": works by Berico the Giudecca 795 Art Gallery
Exhibition: Church of San Salvador - San Marco 4835 - Venice
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