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  • Jaroslav Mares, photography
  • Photo Contest - group show of the 12 finalists of the 1st edition

Current exhibits

  • Inside-Outers: 4 street artists in Venice". Foto di Marco Siracusano
  • Paola Grizi, "Back"

Ongoing projects

  • Street artists in Venice
  • Cecilia Gioria, Who's the Sinner? and more
  • Albert Giralt "Duarja".
  • Jan Mizo, "Exposti" Giudecca 795
  • Gjon Jakaj, "Italia Cotta" Giudecca 795
  • Neil Harbisson, "Cyber Venezia"
  • Graziano Arici, "The Eyes of the Ghetto"


  • Anna De Pieris, "Black & White", 2019
  • Tatiana Lazareva, "Sea like Snow", 2018
  • Cecilia Gioria, Who's the Sinner? and more, 2018 (Giudecca 795, e ARTEFORTE Forte Pozzacchio)
  • Graziano Arici, "Passato prossimo", 2018
  • Giudecca 795's 10th Anniversary, special group show 2007-2017 - Artists of the Gallery & New Entries (2017, all year round)
  • "The White Drake: discovering design". Design exhibition curated by Studio Magda Di Siena. 22-29 October 2016.
  • Maggie Siner. ART@Hilton, 20 May - 27 July 2016
  • FORTE GARDA - RIVA DEL GARDA: SENTINELLE DI PIETRA: Gjon Jakaj, 9 July - 28 August 2016 (the Fortress is open Friday to Sunday, 10am to 5pm)
  • Man Brunello. "Guardami", ART@Hilton
  • Amos Torresin. "Animal Mechanisms", ART@Hilton, Hilton Molino Stucky Venice.
    20 January - 20 March 2016
  • Albert Giralt "Duarja". "In memoria". An artist discovered by Gianluca.
    14 November - 30 December 2015
  • Gjon Jakaj, "Italia Cotta" (Cooked Italy). Giudecca 795 Art Gallery. Photography. About "feeding the planet": our own way.
  • Giuseppe Cozzi, "Beyond Reflections". ART@Hilton 2015
  • Paola Failla (ART@Hilton), 6 June to 14 September 2015 at ThaumArt
  • Giulio Rigoni, "Contemporary Renaissance II", until 30 May 2015 at ThaumArt, and until 9 August at Giudecca 795 Art Gallery
  • Marcelle Ottier, "Preciadas", 10 October to 24 December 2014
  • Jan Mizo, "Inside Up", November 2014 to 15 January 2015 ART@Hilton
  • "Venezia dal Cielo" 26 September to 5 November 2014 ART@Hilton, and thru 30 November at the 795
  • Giulio Rigoni, "Contemporary Renaissance", until 19 September 2014 at ART@Hilton, and until 9 August at Giudecca 795 Art Gallery
  • Franoise Calcagno, "Venice Memories", until 20 June 2014 at Giudecca 795 Art Gallery
  • Fernando Garcia Monzon, "Portraits", 21 March - 6 April 2014, Giudecca 795 Art Gallery
  • Man Brunello, "Vestiti Sospesi", until 28 March 2014, ART@Hilton and Giudecca 795 Art Gallery
  • Francesco Zavatta, "Venezia Lightings", 18 October - 25 December 2013, ART@Hilton and Giudecca 795 Art Gallery
  • Paola Failla (ART@Hilton), 6 September to 14 October 2013
  • Venice from the Sky, 2 August to 2 September 2013
  • Giulio Rigoni, 29 March to 18 May 2013
  • Oliviero Dall'Asta, 25 Jan to 24 March 2013
  • Berico, "Vexilla Regis" Chiesa di S.Salvador, 3-26 August 2012
  • Neil Harbisson, presentation of "Cyber Venezia" Giudecca 795 and Palazzo Loredan 23 June 2012
  • Berico, "Le Vele di Venezia, The Sails of Venice", 4 June - 15 Luglio 2012; "Cose del Nostro Mondo" - Padova, Caff Pedrocchi, 3 to 30 April 2012
  • Patty Carroll, "Presenze: Anonymous Women", 20 February 18 March 2012
  • Alice Olimpia Attanasio,
    "Handle with Care"
    28 October-27 November 2011
  • Neil Harbisson, "Eyeborg" Sonochromatics until 27 November 2011
  • Simona Bramati, Biennale Arte - 24 September to 23 October 2011 - Giudecca 795 Art Gallery, Palazzo Corner Spinelli
  • Nicoletta Lupi, "Paradise Lost" - 1st June to 31st August 2011
  • Neil Harbisson, "EYEBORG" - 18 June 2011 (Art Night) to 27 November 2011
  • Neil Harbisson, "SOUND PORTRAITS Interactive Performance", 18 June 2011
  • Lars Bjerre - "PERSON"
    from 25 February 2011
  • Vittorio Martini's Organizational Contemporary Art, 3-24 December 2010
  • M.Teatro, "Vestigia del Futuro"
    (Ma Cos' Questa Crisi?)",
    9 to 22 October 2010
  • Cannone, Castelli, Ramanzini, Rossini
    (Ma Cos' Questa Crisi?)",
    from 23 July 2010
  • Lipari, Martinazzo, Mizo, Ottier
    "The Color of Money"
    (Ma Cos' Questa Crisi?)",
    from 26 June 2010
  • Nicoletta Lupi
    "Sulla Natura delle Cose" (On the Nature of Things), photography
    29 May - 25 June 2010
  • Shannon Novak, "Sound Fragments"
    international project, 6 April - 2 May 2010
  • Venezia dall'alto, Venice from Above: photo exhibit 12 February - 12 March 2010. Extended 2 May 2010. Presentation of the book: 12 February 2010 at 5.30pm.
  • Maschere d'Artista: 6-21 February 2010
  • Franca Batich, "Presenze e prospettive sul filo dell'immaginario" from 3 October 2009 to 18 January 2010.
  • Liu Zhong, "Praise of Nature / Elogio della Natura" - collateral event of the 53rd International Art Exhibition in Venice (BIENNALE) from 3 June to 15 September 2009. Traditional Chinese painting on rise paper and silk, with contemporary subjects in the theme of the Biennale, "Making Worlds".
    Vernissage 3 June 2009 from 10 am by invitation, in the presence of the artist
  • James King
    Art exhibit
    28 feb - 15 mar 2009
  • Benny Katz
    13 - 24 feb 2009
  • "Memories and Microcosms"
    29 nov - 13 dec 2008
  • Marcello Morandini -
    Teresa Barisi Morandini -
    "Black, White, and Sky Blue"
    12 sept - 16 nov 2008
  • "Travelling Colors"
    from 5 jul 2008
  • Angelo De Boni
    "Bianco - White"
    14 - 29 jun 2008
  • Susan Adams Nickerson
    "Mosaics and Reflections"
    10 may - 1 jun 2008
  • Vito Campanelli
    "Sous le Rouge"
    22 mar - 13 apr 2008
  • Luciano Pasquini
    22 mar - 13 apr 2008
  • "Sails in Love"
    8 - 19 mar 2008
  • Nicolò Paoli -
    Maurizio Baccanti
    "Cows on Gondola & Plastic Sneers"
    19 gen - 24 feb 2008
  • "795 auguri"
    15 dec 2007 - 6 jan 2008
  • Gerold Meister (CADAF)
    "Painted Poetry"
    10 - 25 nov 2007
  • Ercole Monti
    "Venezia - acquasabbia"
    13 oct - 4 nov 2007
  • Mauro Sambo
    "my Father my Job my Life
    the Long Hello"

    15 sept - 7 oct 2007
  • Minjung Kim
    "Void in Fullness"
    25 aug -13 sept 2007

  • Ciao. What's new at the Gallery?

    While art hunters were searching the Biennale, four non-conventional artists were disseminating their art in the silent streets of Venice at night: non-commissioned public art, made available to everyone, commonly referred to as Street Art. Artworks by Ache77, Blub, Exit Enter and Nian, produced in the nights before the opening of one of the most important art festival in the world.

    Their artworks call into question their favourite themes, each developed with a different technique and medium but with a common purpose: a kind of art open to everyone in the city streets. Ache77, the stencil artist known for the strong emotional appeal of his portrayed faces, has glued his most significant xylographs: 1+1=1, meaning the power of uniting diversities, and She, inaccessible and fierce, changing her facial expression depending on the medium she lays on; impalpable paper, eternal and fragile, like life.
    Blub is back in Venice, after one year. His acts, dipped in blue, depict famous icons or masterpieces of the past, all of them wearing a scuba mask: his anthem “Art can swim” underlines his incursions, finding their natural habitat in a submerged city.
    Exit Enter is known for drawing an ageless little man telling little truths and big dreams. In addition to his usual puzzling, the litthe man is wondering about nowadays Venice; a showcase city, not so different from his hometown Florence.
    Nian, from Florence too, is dealing with the connection between humanity, nature and the world rhythms; working on recycled media, she has “sown” her colourful flowers and her vital, revitalizing creatures...
    Reality materializes in front of the ones who choose to see it; in the same way, these art pieces of ephemeral beauty appear or disappear accordingly to the public's ability to see beyond what they are taking a quick glance at.

    Giudecca 795 Art Gallery has decided to give this form of art the chance to enter a protected space, so that it can be observed and described: so the exhibit “Inside-Outers: 4 street artists in Venice” was born, a retrospective of the artwork on the city wall, told by Marco Siracusano's photos. At the Giudecca 795 Art Gallery the artists have produced some original artworks, whilst the art on the city walls has not been commissioned by the gallery.

    Inside-Outers's originals, and Marco Siracusano's photos are for sale at the gallery, along with smaller art and prints, and they will be on show until the end of the Biennale (November), on a rotation basis with the other artists represented by the gallery, in a dialogue of views, styles, and techniques. We do not forget Leonardo da Vinci's 500th anniversary, which Blub is celebrating in Venice with the (rare) exhibition of his blue revisited Monna Lisa (first original work in the series "art can swim"), and at the Leonardo Museum in the city of Vinci with his very special remake of Leonardo's self-portrait.

    For the detailed programme of events and show, please refer to our newsletter - though surprise events will be... surprise events!

    Talent scouting is our passion! We are partners of the "One Day In Venezia" international photo contest, offering amateur photographers the chance to exhibit in an art gallery (the 795!!). The 4th edition is open. The monthly contests are up and running again, expiring on the last day of every month! More on the website
    (please note that images by professional photographers, and artists already collaborating with Giudecca 795 will not be admitted).