Maggie Siner

Renowned American painter as well as an "adopted Venetian", Maggie Siner is surprisingly clever in recreating Venice's ever-changing light, and intimate atmospheres: the fascination of a set table after a party or of an unmade bed in the morning light, or those little gestures and expressions of ours when we feel unobserved. Everything in her paintings, even the most whimsical combinations of objects, always evokes surprise and beauty. She works exclusively from life, one of a diminishing number of artists who use direct visual perception to translate the human experience into material form. Her influences from Chinese painting are evident in her free and responsive brushwork. She is known for evocative portraits, luscious still-life arrangements, and a sparkling play of light and shadow emphasizing the momentary nature of vision and time. Siner is also a devoted teacher who has influenced a generation of painters.

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Facing RightWRed Holding ChairWRed Head Down
WW Arms Lifting HairLimoncello 2016Long Red Dress on Chair
Pink SilkTurquoise VaseMoretti Vases

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