Lorenzo Quinn

Lorenzo Quinn (Rome, 1966) is the son of the Mexican American actor Anthony Quinn and Iolanda Quinn. He started out as a painter in 1982, training at the American Academy of Fine Arts in New York. Quinn was attracted to acting where he interpreted roles such as Antonio Stradivari as the young violin maker with his father Anthony Quinn playing the elder. Quinn, having started painting, had always been an admirer of the surrealist artist Salvador Dalí and in 1991 he interpreted the Spanish artist on the big screen, alongside English actress Sarah Douglas portraying his wife Gala. Quinn achieved the best new actor award at the Biarritz Film Festival. However, it was by working in this role that Quinn decided his own career needed a change of direction and so he phased out acting to dedicate himself mainly to visual arts. Since then, his artistic path has developed mainly in figurative sculpture, with large works of positive and emotional impact, often positioned in public sites.

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Adàn y Eva

cm 100 x 46 (39" x 18")
Bronzo, Edizione di 9
Bronze, Edition of 9
100x46x44 cm

"Ritengo che la donna sia l’essenza dell’anima maschile. L’uomo non può essere completo senza la donna. Eliminando la donna, l’uomo rimane vuoto. Mia moglie Giovanna è l’essenza della mia anima. Non posso immaginare neppure per un istante la mia vita senza di lei."

"I believe woman is the essence of Man's soul. This is what I tried to express in my continuation of Adam. I feel Man is not whole without Woman. Take out the woman, and the man is void. My wife, Giovanna, is the essence of my soul. I cannot even imagine life without her."

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