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The multi-faceted artist Gloria Deandrea took part to a cultural event which enlivened the Carnival on Giudecca Island, organised by the Il Leone di Plastica association at the Giudecca 795 Art Gallery under the title "Art and Chocolate": the art show "Maschere d'Artista" (Masks by Artists). The gallery exhibits non-Carnival masks designed by three artists pursuing very personal artistic journeys -- Maurizio Baccanti, Gloria Deandrea, and Benny Katz. The peculiar masks presented by Gloria Deandrea were designed and made for the theatre version of the "Turandot" by Bertolt Brecht. Much bigger than normal size, the masks were worn by the actors as hats and not over their faces, thus exasperating the desired effect of flattening the human shape and cancelling its real image until the actor turns into his or her own "avatar". This search reverses the direction of the traditional quest in visual arts by starting with 3D figures and attempting to convert them into 2D.

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Turandot: il Labirinto (2004)

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