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Giudecca 795 Art Gallery, situated on the island of Giudecca, Venice, in the 16th century palazzetto known as Palazzo Foscari, is a reference point for artists and collectors, representing modern and contemporary art.

Painting, sculpture, design, video, photography: Giudecca 795 Art Gallery is a place where new talents can get the same attention as more recognised artists, with the chance of international exposure.> > continue >

opening hours

at the 795 gallery: In these days we are working at a show in another venue, and we are open in Giudecca 16.30 - 20 or later, and by appointment. Closed on Mondays.
(Because of other exhibits set in different venues, and to book a guided art tour with the artists' presence, we will appreciate making an appointment)
For informations and purchases,
please call us (+39) 340 8798327 - Grazie.
Please check our blog for possible variations
The ART@Hilton shows are open daily 9:00 to 23:00 at the nearby Hilton Hotel.

Terms and conditions

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the latest

We are promoting and hosting the One Day In Venezia Photo Contest
Registrations and submissions to the SECOND EDITION only via the Contest website
Among our partners: Hotel Metropole, Hilton Molino Stucky Venice and Cipriani Harry's Bar Venezia

We are a trademark

795 is now a trademark. Offering objects of arts by our artists and designers.
You'll be pleasantly surprised by Corro's “quadrotti”, Schisci's mosaics, Marcelle Ottier's Murano glass bijoux; Jan Mizo's digital art, the prints of the Venice from Above photo project.. and much more. You can also order them online.

Do you love Art? Give Art

Give art -- something unusual, beautiful, and durable -- to the people you really care about (including yourself!): by doing so, you'll help support those who live on art. Giudecca 795 Art Gallery promotes original projects and a number of talented emerging artists, as well as more established ones, offering great art and signed objets d'art at reasonable prices.
Emerging collectors welcome!
Orders can be placed online, feel free to enquire with the gallery.


This month

  • ART@Hilton + Giudecca 795 Art Gallery: Diego Palasgo.


  • January 2017: Venice, G795+ART@Hilton: Winners of the Photo contest: preview of the group show and solo show.

News from the Photo Contest

Giudecca 795 Art Gallery is partner of the Photo Contest. The awards of the 1st edition:
  • Grand Prize 2016: Annik Susemihl, Germany (Grand Prize, solo show to be scheduled);
  • Monthly winners and finalists (group show to be scheduled; photos published on the Venice Hilton Hotel 2017 Calendar): Rosemary Wilmot (UK), Tiziano Chiesa (I), Sue Hendersson (USA), Paola Volpe (I), Alfredo Aleandi (I), Marco Cendret (I), Marco Dilavanzo (I), Luca Lamanna (I), Joseph Zarzano (USA), Michael Damone (USA), Alessandro Secondin (I).
    A special prize by Giudecca 795 Art Gallery has been awarded to a creative image, whose author has earned a space on the gallery website as Guest Artist of the Month: Special Prize to Ettore Umberto Chernetich (I)
  • Special thanks to Mario Del Do: one of his images has been used in the composition of the contest advertising image.
The 2nd edition opens on 25 October 2016. More at

This month


Winner of numerous national and international art competitions, he has exhibited in several European art galleries, and has taken part to many contemporary art fairs. Also on show at ART@Hilton.

We are pleased to announce our upcoming free mobile App, for live updates about our events and opening hours always at your fingertip. Keeping in touch will be really easy!

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We are members of

Giudecca 795 Art Gallery is honoured and pleased to curate
the ART@Hilton series of shows
hosted by the prestigious Hilton Molino Stucky Venice.


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Ongoing projects by represented artists

Schisci Lab
The most recent collaboration is about design , completely customisable in its materials. empre presente il richiamo al passato artistico e culturale anche per le creazioni più "techno". See Schisci in the permanent exhibit space at the Connectivity station gallery of the Molino Stucky Hilton Venice

Jan Mizo

Art as a code of the extraordinary in the daily routines, witnessing escape attempts, and expressions which have been too long stifled and caged in rules that have lost credibility. A precursor of digital art, increasingly recognized internationally. >> More

Marcelle Ottier
Paintings, objets d'art and a brand new logo for her bijoux collection made in Murano glass combined with other and less expected materials; an artist of great personality, with an ecological approach to design. Crossed collaborations in artistic settings with Jan Mizo and Benny Katz. Colorful works on paper and mixed media are shown in the Executive lounge gallery

Venice from the Sky
An archive counting thousands of aerial images - a hundred out of which have been gathered in the photobook "Venice from Above" - originated our omonimous touring exhibit. Every picture can be printed on demand (on paper, panel, canvas).
Presented at the Gallery and ART@Hilton.

Neil Harbisson
"Cyber Venezia: the Sound of Burano"

Harbisson, born in Belfast in 1982, defines himself as a cyborg, because of this "third eye" being permanently attached to his head. The Eyeborg, created by Harbisson with the help of a Cybernetic researcher - has become an exciting new door to the world of art and music. His latest project is Cyber Venezia, presented during Art Night Venezia. In collaboration with the Istituto Veneto di Scienze Lettere ed Arti.
>> Details